Terri Bullock

Many of SVCF’s donors are focused on delivering tangible solutions and tools to help others. Terri Bullock is an SVCF donor and director of the Windrider Film Forum, Bay Area. Bullock, whose sister suffered from early onset Alzheimer’s disease, was moved by the Sundance Audience Award-winning documentary “Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory,” which showed how familiar music — especially music with personal significance — can help reawaken the brain and bring a smile to memory-impaired people. Terri screened the film locally through Windrider. With her sister’s death, she and her ex-husband, Henry Bullock, established a matching grant of $200,000 to help support the nonprofit Music & Memory, which brings personalized music to memory-impaired people, and fund more screenings of Alive Inside. The fund, called While We Wait, has a simple vision: “While we wait for a cure for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, we can help today.” Bullock says that in memory of her sister, she hopes to provide the gift of personalized music to as many memory-impaired people as possible across California.

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