Sean Rico Fisher

Manager, Program Effectiveness - Corporate Responsibility

Sean Fisher

Sean Rico serves in a cross-functional capacity at the community foundation – blending social impact with elements of business analysis, learning, and marketing. In his role, Sean Rico is charged with designing, refining, and promoting the community foundation's suite of corporate service offerings. He tracks industry trends and customer feedback, collaborates with team members to manage practice and process changes for new offerings, and he develops training programs to deliver world-class business services.

Sean Rico graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor of science in sociology and a professional certification in nonprofit management. His previous internships and volunteer work include community relations and research for arts organizations, churches, food shelters, his alma mater (BYU) and even Nike – performing ethnographic research to design concepts for sustainable products. This community engagement background largely informs the approach he takes with his personal philanthropy.

A Silicon Valley native, Sean Rico really enjoys running, blogging, staying caught-up on Netflix, attending local events and mentoring future leaders.