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About SVCF

Understand our work and mission: 

Financial Report

Year in Review

By the Numbers

Investing in the Common Good
SVCF's annual financial report

More financial documents

Year in Review
Highlights from our work in 2016

Our Impact: 2016 By the Numbers


10 Years of Impact

World is Home

10 Years of Innovation and Impact

The World is Home: Case Study on SVCF's 10 Years of Impact

More about SVCF's 10th anniversary
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SVCF Magazine

The SVCF Magazine, published in the spring and fall each year, features stories of philanthropic problem-solving, identifies challenges and inspires participation in solutions: 

SVCF Magazine Fall 2017

SVCF at 10

SVCF Fall 2016

2016 Spring Magazine

Agents of Change
Nonprofits work for Civil Rights

10 Years of Transforming Community
Celebrating the many partnerships that have helped us serve our community since 2007

Ready to Learn
SVCF's Center for Early Learning's ambitious campaign to make high-quality early learning a priority

Advocacy Adds Up
How SVCF and partners fought in the legislature against math inequality

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Recent initiatives and projects

Learn about other special projects from SVCF, including reports produced in partnership with other organizations:

LGBT Laws Overview

Housing Brief

LCCR Report


Overview of current anti-discrimination law protecting LGBT persons Silicon Valley’s Housing Crisis: How did we get here, and what can we do about it? Paying More for Being Poor: Bias and Disparity in California’s Traffic Court System Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project - 2017
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Donor services and resources

SVCF works with individuals and families to craft personalized and impactful philanthropy strategies: 

Why Choose SVCF?

CPS Brochure

Donor Advised Funds

International Giving

Why choose SVCF?
We help bring your philanthropic vision to life

Learn more

Customized Philanthropy Services

More about our consulting services

Donor Advised Funds: Claims and Realities

More about DAFs

International Giving

More about giving globally

Charitable Options

Investment Manager Diversity Report

Comparing Charitable Options

More about SVCF's types of funds

Investment Manager Diversity Report

More about manager diversity
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Corporate services and resources

Understand how we partner with nearly 100 companies to help them achieve their philanthropic objectives, engage employees and leverage their business for the common good. Learn more!

A Why, When and How Guide for Business

Corporate Impact

Starting With Purpose

Global Employee Engagement Report

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: A Why, When and How Guide for Business

Corporate Impact: 2015 By the Numbers

Startup's Guide to Social Responsibility

Global Employee Engagement Report

Learn more

View more Corporate Social Responsibility resources

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Strategic grantmaking areas

SVCF's strategic grantmaking during our first decade focused on four areas: economic security, education, immigration and building strong communities. Learn about our impact through these grants to Silicon Valley nonprofits in these key areas: 

Economic Security Impact Report

Education Impact Report

Immigration Impact Report

Building Strong Communities Impact Report

Economic Security Impact Report

Learn more

Education Impact Report

Learn more

Immigration Impact Report

Learn more

Building Strong Communities Impact Report

Learn more
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Early education resources

SVCF's Center for Early Learning provides research and resources to help parents and adults prepare children to succeed: 

View Report

Developmental Screening

Facilities Report

Kindergarten Readiness Guide

Early Childhood Technology Use Findings

California Pediatrician Survey on Early Childhood Developmental Screening


San Mateo County Child Care and Preschool Facilities Task Force Report

Kindergarten Readiness Guide

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