Ladies' Turn

Ladies' Turn

Ladies' Turn is a non-profit association working to give Senegalese girls and women their turn to play soccer. Ladies' Turn organizes tournaments on central community fields where girls traditionally do not play. These activities give women and girls the opportunity to develop important leadership and teamwork skills. Ladies' Turn recognizes that women's soccer is a powerful tool for promoting gender equality both by empowering women who play and by presenting women in new roles as athletes. Ladies' Turn is a non-profit association in Senegal dedicated to increasing opportunities for women and girls to play soccer and develop important skills. Started in 2009, Ladies' Turn works with communities to organize women's soccer tournaments on local neighborhood fields. Soccer is extremely popular in Senegal, but it is considered a sport for men, not women. Thus, most girls never have the chance to play. To change this, Ladies' Turn establishes Senegal's first beginner girls' soccer leagues in different regions of the country.




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