Child Aid Uganda (CHAU)

Child Aid Uganda (CHAU)

Child Aid Uganda (CHAU) is a registered Non- governmental and not for profit Community Based Organisation (CBO) which was established in 2004 by a group of Ugandan children rights activists and professionals in response to the ever increasing needs of HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children living in difficult circumstances superceding the available interventions from other NGO's. Child Aid Uganda was thus established to protect, and bring care; love and compassion to enable orphans and other vulnerable children enjoy their rights, live their full potential and achieve a purposeful future. Mission - "To work with and through individuals, families, communities and local governments to contribute to the fundamental freedoms and basic needs of orphans and other vulnerable children protected by law and internationally recognized as minimum standards for a life of dignity to enable OVCs achieve a purposeful future. Children are thus assisted to live their full potential, shape their own future and contribute to the development of their communities. " Vision - Child Aid Uganda vision is the creation of a Ugandan Society where orphans and other vulnerable children enjoys their rights and live to their full potential as set out in the UN convention on rights of the child, African Charter on the rights and welfare of the child, Uganda Children's Act (2004) as well as the constitution of the republic of Uganda.




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