SVCF Strategic Grants

We support the most effective and innovative organizations in our region to solve the most challenging problems and strengthen the common good.

SVCF's discretionary grantmaking for Silicon Valley nonprofits focuses on five areas:

Civic Participation Grants

Civic Participation A healthy democracy is dependent upon all community members being able to participate in the public policy process and having influence over the decisions that impact their lives. Because governments do not have the resources or capacity to address all of the economic, political and social challenges that exist, it is crucial that residents engage in the betterment of our communities. SVCF will make strategic investments in projects that promote greater civic participation through open government efforts. More information
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Voter Education and Outreach Small Grants Program

Aug. 14, 2018

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Aug. 24, 2018

Promoting Greater Civic Participation through Open Government

October 2019

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Common Core Education Grants

Common Core Addressing achievement gaps continues to be the most pressing challenge for public education given the far-reaching implications for students’ future opportunities in college and career. California has adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to improve students' chances of success in college and career by setting uniform standards for what students should know in math and English language arts. SVCF believes that support of CCSS implementation is important for both educators and students. More information
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Accelerating Student Success in the Common Core


April 5, 2019

Financial Stability Grants

Financial Stability Silicon Valley is a region of stark economic contrasts. While great wealth is created here, many people struggle to make ends meet. Given our region's economic reality, it is more important than ever that efforts be made to boost financial stability for low-income households. SVCF believes we can make a significant, positive difference for families and local economies by improving how low-income individuals and families access and obtain public benefits and support. More information
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Advancing Stability by Improving Access to Financial and Tax Preparation Service

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Advancing Financial Stability by Improving Access to Public Benefits

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Housing and Transit Grants

Housing and Transit Today, Silicon Valley is a place with far more jobs than housing. This imbalance drives up an already high cost of living and pushes people who cannot afford homes into outlying areas many miles from their jobs. Addressing Silicon Valley’s housing and transportation challenges will require an intentional, multifaceted approach to ensure that low- and middle-income residents can live and work in the region. More information
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Increasing Access to Public Transit Opportunities


April 5, 2019

Increasing Access to Affordable Housing Opportunities


April 5, 2019

Immigration Grants

Immigration One-third of Silicon Valley's residents are immigrants, and almost half of the Silicon Valley workforce is foreign-born. Almost two-thirds of those under the age of 18 are children of immigrants. These demographic realities call for a new social model of immigrant integration. SVCF supports organizations that benefit immigrants and their receiving communities while encouraging newcomers to participate in local government and improve economic mobility. More information
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Ensuring the Safety and Security of Immigrants

May 1, 2017 Access session recording

Nov. 30, 2018