SVCF Coronavirus Response

COVID-19: Unprecedented crisis, regional response

COVID-19: Unprecedented Crisis, Regional Response

As a community foundation, SVCF is positioned to meet the ongoing needs of our local communities and take on unexpected challenges, including response to the alarming spread of COVID-19. Today, our region is presented with an unprecedented public health crisis. The ripple effects of the coronavirus outbreak are already hitting low-income families, nonprofit organizations and small businesses especially hard. In response, SVCF is leading multiple efforts with our Bay Area philanthropic, government and corporate partners to protect public health and assist those affected by the disease and its impact. These responses include:

COVID-19 Regional Response Fund

COVID-19 Regional
Response Fund

Help for Individuals and Families
Support for low-income individuals and families who are most severely affected

Regional Nonprofit Emergency Fund

Regional Nonprofit
Emergency Fund

Help for Nonprofits
Support for nonprofit organizations whose operations are being affected

Small Business Relief Fund

Small Business
Relief Fund

Help for Small Businesses
Support for small businesses with employees at risk for lost wages

Join us in these efforts to protect public health and assist those whose livelihoods and lives have already been impacted.

CDC Foundation Briefing: Bay Area Updates

SVCF is committed to sharing relevant and accurate information about philanthropic response to COVID-19. On March 11, 2020, SVCF co-hosted a conference call with the CDC Foundation that included rigorous discussion about how philanthropy can best support community needs during a pandemic. Among the topics covered: identification of the gaps between what the public sector usually provides and what affected people and groups need.