Casey Kellogg

Vice President, Donor Engagement

Casey Salm

As vice president of donor engagement and a member of SVCF’s leadership team, Casey is responsible for enabling world-class donor services that make giving one of life’s great experiences. Her primary focus is cultivating SVCF’s customer experience philosophy and internal culture across a team of talented and high performing staff.

Most recently, Casey served in the role of senior philanthropy advisor. Prior to joining SVCF in 2008, Casey worked in development and special events at TheatreWorks. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in creative arts and a Master of Science in justice studies, both from San Jose State University. Casey’s undergraduate work centered around the creative process and its application in a global world, while her graduate work was focused on social justice issues related to gentrification and economic development in communities. She serves on the Measure C Committee and grant panel for the city of East Palo Alto, which advises on a community grant program and makes policy recommendations to ensure public safety.

Casey is an eighth-generation native of San Francisco. She loves flowers, any storytelling medium, and a good cry. Having traded the fog for sunnier skies, she now makes her home in East Palo Alto with her husband, Walker, precious son and daughter, and two beloved cats.