Jul 12, 2016
Technology is making it easier than ever to understand our health and access quality care. This progress is especially beneficial for patients that previously had limited access to health care providers based on geography.  Now, technology is eliminating distance barriers to better serve... Read More
Jul 05, 2016
I am writing to share some important news about Silicon Valley Gives, our region’s 24-hour online giving day to support nonprofit organizations. When we launched SVGives in 2014 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the nation’s first community foundation, it was our belief that it... Read More
Jun 29, 2016
The June 23, 2016, Supreme Court deadlock on United States in Texas v. United States puts the hopes and dreams of millions of immigrants and their families on hold. The split decision leaves in place a lower court decision halting the implementation of expanded Deferred Action for Childhood... Read More
Jun 21, 2016
Coming on the heels of another successful SVGives and an exceptional Conference on Charitable Giving (COCG), we’re heading into third quarter with a full head of steam. For my part, it was a pleasure to connect with so many of you in our professional advisor network in person and to speak... Read More
Jun 20, 2016
SVCF sends a big “thank you!” to all who attended our Professional Advisor Breakfasts in San Jose and San Francisco this spring. We appreciated the thoughts and conversations about how we can improve our region’s housing and transportation in innovative, effective and... Read More
Jun 14, 2016
Editor's note: This feature first appeared in the Spring 2016 edition of SVCF magazine. Ken Coleman In the many stories written about tech pioneer Ken Coleman, the word “first” is bound to appear. From his decade at Hewlett-Packard (HP) to his 14-year ascent at Silicon... Read More
Jun 13, 2016
As experienced child-care providers, Iris Postigo and Juanyta Napoles fully recognize the value of building language skills in the young children who have come to their Foster City home care center for 14 years. But Napoles especially said she used to feel intimidated by the performance aspect of... Read More
Jun 08, 2016
Jill Rademacher At SVCF we are still celebrating the completion last month of another very successful Silicon Valley Gives, our region’s 24-hour giving day to support more than 1,000 local nonprofit organizations. By now you’ve likely heard... Read More
Jun 07, 2016
Editor's note: Woody Shackleton has a donor advised fund with SVCF. This story first appeared in the Spring 2016 edition of SVCF magazine. Woody Shackleton has done a lot of investing in his life, and he’s long been philanthropically active. But social impact investing was new to... Read More
Jun 07, 2016
SVCF’s Donor Circle for the Arts held its media arts grantmaking session in April.  After interviewing four different organizations, the donor circle members voted to provide a total of $14,000 in grants to the following organizations: Family Album Project, to support... Read More