More than cash: SVCF accepts 'complex assets' like pre-IPO stock, real estate, personal property and more for charitable purposes

Real Estate

Making charitable donations is often straightforward – donors write a check, or transfer money from their bank account into a charitable fund. But did you know that SVCF accepts other kinds of assets? Whether it’s pre-IPO stock, real estate or even private equity, SVCF works with individuals, families, companies and organizations to accept these assets and convert them into charitable good.

"Accepting complex and unusual assets is part of the DNA of SVCF," says Mari Ellen Loijens, chief business, development and brand officer for SVCF. "In the heart of Silicon Valley, many people have assets other than cash or publicly traded stock. Because we have been doing this for two decades and with such regularity, we have an expertise with donations of complex assets."

SVCF will accept a wide array of complex assets, including:

  • Restricted, privately held and closely held stock
  • Hedge funds
  • Virtual currency, including Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Interests in mutual funds
  • Real estate
  • Personal property, like artwork, jewelry or collector automobiles
  • And more!

Even if an item isn’t listed here, our staff want to hear about it, to help donors find a solution.

“There is so much that is possible,” Loijens says. “While SVCF has had the privilege to work on thousands of these complex gifts, we’re always learning with you, and looking for new ways to create philanthropic resources. If you have an idea of something that might be handy for you or a client to donate, reach out to us and let us help you propose a solution.”

SVCF can transform assets into a charitable resource to help alleviate some of the tax ramifications often associated with appreciated assets or a liquidity event. Our staff does the heavy lifting and shares their expertise, so that donors can be free to focus on their philanthropic vision.

“When you’re donating a complex asset – like closely held stock or in conjunction with an IPO – there is a lot at stake,” Loijens says. “Donors choose SVCF as a trusted partner with the experience to sit at the table with their IPO lawyers, bankers, the company’s lawyers and CFO, and so on, without disrupting the business transaction.”

Professional advisors with individuals, families or even nonprofit clients can also work with SVCF to fund clients’ philanthropy using non-traditional assets. Many people are unfamiliar with processing these types of complex or unusual gifts, Loijens says.

“I encourage people to just reach out and start asking questions,” she says. “It’s so exciting to help a professional advisor find a solution for their client. Getting to ‘yes’ is what we do best!”

With nonprofits specifically, SVCF works side-by-side with the organizations and their professional advisors to accept complex assets from the organizations’ donors. For example: In Silicon Valley, a great deal of wealth is held in real property, but many local nonprofits find it difficult to accept real estate donations. Nonprofits may not have a real estate expert on staff or may have concerns about the legal burdens and costs. The Real Estate Trust at SVCF can accept real estate, and takes the stress out of giving for donors and nonprofits.

Few organizations have the expertise and ability to solve complex charitable goals like SVCF. Our team is dedicated to working closely with donors and professional advisors to identify the best ways to meet financial and charitable objectives.

 “At SVCF, we like to say, ‘possibilities start here,’” Loijens says. “We encourage donors to consider their philanthropic goals, look at their entire portfolio of assets – including items other than cash – and then work with us to achieve those goals.”

Wanted to explore your options for converting complex assets to charitable purposes? Contact SVCF at to get started.