Guide for Transitioning Employee Engagement Vendors

Whether your employee engagement budget has recently changed or your company is moving to a SaaS provider that can grow with you, here are a few tips and reminders to consider as you make the transition to a new partner:
Closing out with your former provider (this can often take 6-8 weeks or longer, so be sure to plan around giving campaigns or other active giving periods like the holiday season): 
Develop/agree upon a specific transition timeline, including deadlines for your funds/information requests (detailed below)
Secure remaining funds from your former provider 
o These may be funds that were never disbursed to nonprofit organizations, or perhaps outstanding checks that were not yet cashed by the nonprofit recipient
o Depending on the new provider, the former provider may be able to send the funds directly to the new provider, or the funds may need to be funneled through your company
Secure detailed report of breakdown of these funds 
o Make sure you receive a detailed breakdown of all these funds (at a minimum, this report should include the employee donor names, nonprofit recipients, nonprofit addresses, dollar amounts of payments and whether the payment includes solely employee donation(s) or also corporate matches); this will help your new provider responsibly and efficiently disburse payments 
Onboarding with your new provider: 
Work with new provider to (re)disburse remaining funds from former provider
o This will require the detailed report from your former provider
Understand if/which previous nonprofit recipients of funds from your program may no longer be eligible in your new provider’s giving database (for example, your new provider may not be able to disburse payments to private non-operating foundations, etc.) 
o If there are undisbursed funds from your former provider that fall into this category, you will need to determine the plan for what to do with these funds (i.e.: work with employees to redirect donations/matches to an eligible organization, use funds to make a grant to one nonprofit partner, etc.); this will likely depend on the original source of the funds (employee v. company/foundation)
Refresh your program guidelines:
Ask the new provider to review your program guidelines and confirm they are in alignment with their processing guidelines; if not, ask them to help you update the guidelines appropriately
Communicate with your employees:
Provide trainings/recorded webinars on the new provider’s product and process; let employees know who to contact if they have any questions; work with new provider to ensure this information is easily accessible for employees
Work with your new provider to set employees’ expectations around the payment process and timeline
For employees who may be impacted, let them know about organizations that will no longer be eligible in the new provider’s database 
Whether transitioning to a new provider, launching a new employee engagement program or refreshing your current program, Silicon Valley Community Foundation can provide support in a number of ways. From strategic consulting to grants processing, we work with dozens of clients to support their global employee engagement efforts. For more information, please contact